working out together

“Fit with Friends” Workout

Working out with friends can help you stay accountable to your goals and achieve more success. Try this workout with a partner or small group.


How Your Spine Affects Your Waistline 1

Many people are surprised when they hear that chiropractic care can affect affect a person’s ability to lose weight. After all, what does cracking your back have to do with getting a six-pack? A lot, says Dr. Holly. Learn more here.


7 Naturally Slimming & Detoxifying Snacks

What can you eat that’s fast, convenient and easy to access while you’re on-the-go — that won’t pile on extra pounds of fat and leave you feeling awful 30 minutes after you’ve eaten? Here are 7 naturally slimming and detoxifying snacks that you can eat anytime, guilt-free.

toned abs

How To Get a Six Pack With My Amazing Abs Workout!

Want amazing abs this summer? Getting a six-pack doesn’t have to require hours of grueling ab workouts. All it takes is determination and consistency. Stop searching Google for pages on “how to get a six pack.” Instead, I challenge you to get out from behind your computer screen or mobile […]

lavender mint diy skin scrub

Lavender Mint DIY Skin Scrub

This lavender mint DIY skin scrub is one of my favorite recipes! It can be used as hand wash, in a bath or as a facial scrub, and has many benefits.