colorful spring salad recipe

Colorful Spring Salad Recipe

We are living in an era of ‘brown’ food. You know what I’m talking about… chicken nuggets, baked potatoes, french fries, hushpuppies, cookies, brownies, etc. But I have a general rule of thumb for anyone who is looking to eat healthier. If it’s brown, it should only occupy about 10% […]

Lily's Chocolate sweetened with stevia

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Lily’s Chocolate

This post is the first in what is set to be a long series of product reviews right here on my blog. I’m calling it “A Few of My Favorite Things,” and I’ll be highlighting, — yep, you guessed it — some of my favorite products on the market related […]

Beat Spring Allergies With Chiropractic Care

It’s that time of year again, when pollen lingers in the air like a low-hanging cloud on a rainy day. Such presence of pollen can lead to respiratory issues and severe sinus complications that can result in infection. Taking antihistamines can provide some temporary relief but will not get to […]

child cleaning windows

Spring Cleaning Solutions: Detoxifying Your Body and Your Home

Spring is officially here, and the yellow stuff is everywhere. If you drive a black car, you’ll probably want to wait before you try washing it, as it will only be matter of hours before it’s covered in pollen again. Many of my patients have come to me with concerns […]

are you growing?

Are You Growing? | 8 Daily Steps To Get Healthy

Is your body growing towards health or towards disease? It’s always moving in one direction. You can rest assured that it’s moving towards 100% health if you are doing these 8 things…

A Holiday Recipe For Success

This holiday season, keep your body working for you and looking good at the same time with ‘the rule of 3’!