lavender mint diy skin scrub

Lavender Mint DIY Skin Scrub

Did you know that if you put a clove of garlic between your toes, you’ll taste it within seconds? That’s how porous your skin is. It absorbs so much of what it comes in contact with, so it’s important to make sure that whatever you put on your skin is non-toxic.

We are bombarded with toxins every day, and because our skin is so porous and absorbs substances so easily, those toxins enter our bodies whether we like it or not. And over time, they overload our body’s detoxifying organs (i.e. kidneys & liver). If we are not minimizing the amount of toxins we take in, and ensuring maximum nerve supply to those organs, they will eventually become overloaded and be unable to fully function. Detoxifying will get harder and harder. That’s why we recommend doing it on a regular basis and using products (especially skin care products) that are non-toxic.

This lavender mint DIY skin scrub is one of my favorite recipes! It can be used as hand wash, in a bath or as a facial scrub, and has multiple benefits, including:

1. Non-toxic ingredients. There are no chemicals in this lavender salt scrub. You can pronounce all of the ingredients and you can find them all at your local health food store. You can even grow the lavender buds and dried mint leaves at home if you prefer!

2. Exfoliating properties. If you’re looking for a way to remove the dead skin cells on your hands, feet, face and body, look no further. This scrub is an all-natural, gentle exfoliant that won’t damage your skin.

3. Easy and inexpensive. Like I said, you can find all of these ingredients at your local health food store and it only takes a few minutes to combine them all and mix them to make the scrub. It’s probably the most affordable skin scrub you’ll ever find. Why spend $60 on expensive salt scrubs or skin care products when you can make them yourself at home with just 6 ingredients?!

4. Detoxifying. Not only are the ingredients non-toxic. Lavender is a natural detoxifying substance, and combined with sea salt, it acts as an effective cleanser (and exfoliant, as stated above.)

18 oz. course sea salt
18 oz. fine sea salt
4 fluid oz. Jojoba oil
1/2 fl. oz. lavender essential oil (I use DoTerra)
dried lavender buds
dried mint leaves

Blend together to create a scrub, and store in a glass jar!

That’s it. So simple and effective. Try this recipe out and leave a comment below. I’d love to know what you use it for and how it works for you!

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